Worship Team

The Worship Team is directed under the anointed leadership of Pastor Cath.
Praise and Worship starts from the inside, from deep within the heart. It is the outward expression of love and adoration – it has a fragrance that literally reaches to the heavens. The worship team are dedicated to living a lifestyle that honours God and brings Him pleasure. Celebration times bring a powerful sense of God’s presence as hearts unite in reaching out to God.
As a team, we are committed to seeking the presence of God in an atmosphere of awe and wonder. We are committed to contemporary, vibrant songs that are relevant and uplifting. Our God is a creative God and we seek to do our creative best to enable others to worship God in spirit and in truth, with all their mind, soul and strength.
The Worship Teams goals are quite simple:
  1. To see the team members mature to sing and play to the best of their ability
  2. To see each individual grow spiritually 
  3. To see members learn what it means to humbly and effectively lead the congregation in worship
  4. To see each person challenged to a standard of excellence, not only in singing, but in every area of life
If you desire to be a part of this team then please contact Pastor Cath for further information and guidance.
Tel:       01642 559797