About Us

The Vision of Destiny Church is to Teesside Transformed through audacious Faith, inspiring Hope and extravagant Love.

The church was intially founded in 1928 

During Easter 2003 the doors of the Destiny Centre were opened to the glory of God; in stark contrast to the building's previous use; the notorious ‘Coliseum’ nightclub. Hallelujah, what a change, what a metamorphosis, changed from gory into glory; from ignoble to noble purposes.

In its short history, Destiny Church has continued to see momentous change. Indeed our motto could be, ‘permanent change is here to stay.’ Under the leadership of Pastor Jonathan Harris the church was repurposed and restructured and is now a purpose driven cell church. Our cells (Reachout Groups) are an integral part of the life and health of the church. They enable us to be effective, powerful and fruitful witnesses in the world. Simply put: If we can’t do it in cells, we don’t do it!